Here at Foglesong Charolais our goal is to produce efficient, high performing, profitable Charolais bulls in volume.  Illinois is an ideal place to develop versatile bulls.  We have seasonal weather similar to those throughout the entire country.  In addition, we can develop bulls cheaper than most places in the country.

We run a herd of around seven hundred of the best most versatile Charolais cows in the country.  We run them on a no second chances motto, meaning that if they have a problem or give me a reason to cull them, we will. We have both fall and spring calving cows.  We use a sixty day breeding season and utilize artificial and natural breeding.     

All of our bulls and females are raised on grass and silage.  We develop the top half our bulls on silage and grass in large groups on large pastures to ensure we raise sound, muscular bulls with above average EPD’s that can excel in any climate or condition.  We also strive to ensure that they are able to sire calves that will do the same.  Our target age for selling bulls is 18-24 months old.  Typically we will have eighty to a hundred bulls ready to go year round.  ALL bulls come with a one year feet and semen guarantee.    

If you have any questions or want to stop by and see what we are doing feel free to contact me.  We would be more than willing to give you the full tour!

Andrew Foglesong & family